When this name arrives, the typical image of a govt. babu. However corruption in India is more deep rooted than that and pvt. Sector is also not spared.
1) Tax evasion.
2) Under-reporting of income and over-stating of expenses.
3) Use of corporate/govt. funds for personal uses.
4) Demanding Speed money or other forms of extortion and red-tapism.
5) Asking and accepting a cut/ commission or gifts for actions which are part of your duty in office.

Regarding corruption in govt offices, I must say that in the current scenario, society has started treating “Upar ki Kamai” as a part of the legitimate income an employee is entitled to. No matter how many checks, inspectors, audits and transparency you introduce, the fertile Indian mind will always find a way out.

The punishment for the corrupt cannot be in court but by banishing them. The society has to stop electing corrupt Netas and desert corrupt people. Do not look them as rich fellows but as termites in the neighborhood.

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