counterfeit notes

Each day I hear stories of bundles of forged currency notes being confiscated. My question why take the pain. If you really want to make money, then don’t print currency notes, instead print Gift Coupons, print Sodexho.


: Unlike most currency notes, these coupons have little or no hidden security measures. Printing them is rather simple, and merchants are virtually unaware of how to differentiate real from fake. Some high end gift coupons do have a hologram, but who looks at it. An cashier is too busy to even give it a second look.

Most interesting aspect is that the issuing company (esp. Sodexho) cannot deny reimbursement a merchant who hands them a fake coupon. If a merchant feels he is duped, he will stop accepting these coupons. This might start a spiraling effect of the whole city not accepting Sodexho. To prevent bad name, Sodexho will continue to accept the forged coupons and bear the losses.

You donot believe me, look at Telgi case. Government know that a large percentage of the land documents are on forged Stamp Paper, yet the Supreme Court has ordered the government to honor such agreements.

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Hmm. ..Have you ever received a Gift Pass from Sodexho??? Did you ever try to find out the reason as to why the Gift Pass was given to you??
Probably you did some good job at your workplace and in return you were awarded with a Sodexho Gift Pass. The other alternative with your employer was to give you cash or any other material gift. For a moment, think of receiving couple of loose currency notes in a plain white envelop. Will that be really appealing as a “GIFT”? Alternatively, a “Material Gift”…well.. Not always it turn out to be of your choice (you might already own one of that). The concept behind such a practice was to give you the choice of choosing your own gift, something that you really need rather than collecting junk of cheap watches or table-tops as gifts.

As far as the concept of parallel currency goes, I don’t think its right. The Gift Passes are not accepted at each and every outlet in market. Sodexho maintains a close network of outlets which accept these Passes. Moreover, these Passes are Pre-Paid i.e., your employer has paid for these Passes in advance.

In Simple Words: Your employer has paid an amount to an outlet and has asked you to go over there and pick up a gift of your choice. Alternatively, you can spend the intended gifting amount at different outlets, equivalent to the Gift Pass value.

Security features on Sodexho’s Gift Passes are higher than the currencies of certain countries but these are not disclosed to every individual. As far as it goes with the outlets, Sodexho deploys an exclusive team for educating the outlets on differentiating between a genuine Pass and a fake one.

I have been using these passes to gift to my employees for last 4 yrs. and its been a boon for me rather than negotiating with gift vendors every time and again. I support Sodexho.

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