Criticize less, praise a little, Please!

We take great pride in criticizing failures, but do we devote even 10% of that efforts in praising successes? In a way we create an environment where if you move your finger, you might press the wrong button and will be shot for that. Hence sit tight and be complacent.
I agree that due to corruption and mismanagement, there are colossal wastages of the relief and development funds, but that does not justify us doing nothing. Either one should suggest and alternative, remedy or one should keep the mouth shut. Simply criticizing will only demoralized the people who are working for improvements.
Not all schemes are designed to serve the vested interest of the politicians, and if you think that the case, then why the hell do you not vote and throw them out of power. A rupee sitting ideally in the treasury is better than the 30-40 paisa that actually reaches the needy.

Take two wonderful schemes Employment Guarantee schemes and midday meal schemes. In my opinion they were revolutions in itself, but most people do not know about it.

Midday meal: parents are poor so they force the kids into child labor instead of school dooming the kids future. The poverty also leads to malnutrition, while government granaries have huge stockpile of grains which is rotting. By a simple solution, we solved all 3 problems together. In some cases more kids turned up for school then the number of students that could be seated. I should say every rupee spend in this scheme gave us benefit of three.

Employment Guarantee scheme: (Manmohan Singh’s pet project) Indian rural areas are still dependent of farms and most of them are landless. So there is elongated periods where they are unemployed. By EGS, you get a huge pool of minimum wagers who are ready to work in the most backward districts. Not only the local economy is boosted, but also you give the panchayats and district collectors resources to build roads, canals and infrastructure. Hence laying a strong foundation. In 2 years, lot of the backward districts from congress ruled areas got benefited, but media found those places to be too remote to cover.

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