Crusader for Dalits: Mayawati

Mayawati in almost all her speeches highlights the fact that Congress party failed to uplift many wretched dalits while ruling UP and India for over three decades. However it makes me wonder that already in 2007 this dalit leader was voted to power for the fourth time. So how much more time will it take before her actions will start showing results?

BSP is probably the only party which has grown to a national party from a regional party. Yet the party is little more than a vehicle to serve the wishes of her Leader Mayawati. In spite of all the tall claims. In this year general elections the 17 Dalit leaders that BSP has fielded belong only to the reserved seats (where she could not field any other candidate. I could not locate the party manifesto. However I won’t be surprised if like Mulayam Singh’s Samajwadi Party, all the manifesto says is removing computers and bring India back to the Dark ages.

As of now, there is no evidence that Dalits in UP are doing better than in any other part of the country. At the moment the only results that I am seeing are the grand birthday and the public display of millions of dollars worth of public wealth amassed by her party leaders.

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Welcome to E-Nagar…
I agree you might not look at her as a leader, but you must not forget that she is the President of the country’s 3rd largest party… and from what it appears a major power broker in this elections

Maya is the new laloo
Laloo claimed to give dignity to yadavs etc and swept to power
it took 10yrs for the bihari janta to realise that he was enriching himself while making the minnions live the laltein life

when i had gone to verul (ellora) i saw a whole lot of dalits (budhists)
they were so simple and nice and fragile a bunch, and their behavior was
so dignified and were so organised, in comparison to the rash junglee city folk who came there for a picnic
Ps u could go there too for a weekend but mind it the temp is maddeningly hot

IT will take time for the simple rural dalit folks to realize her game

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