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Fitness Award

I always admired Mamta’s commitment for fitness and her unique way to incorporate it in every aspect of of political life.
1) Whenever she feels like going on a jog/evening walk, she names it a Protest Rally.
2) Whenever she feels like to go on a crash diet, she organizes a Hunger Strike.
3) As Akash said, it won’t be very long before she does Aerobics on a TV Channel.

1) Even after 9 days of complete starvation, she did not loose even 1kg in weight. Maybe because someone forgot to remind her that Hunger Strike means no Mid-Night Snaxs.
2) Farmers of Singur want her to stop crusading for them and let development happen in the area.

Stupid ungrateful farmers isn’t it.
1) Paisa haath ki mail hai (money is like dirt). What good will be the generous compensation provided by Tatas.
2) Nobody wants the jobs that will be created by the State of the Art Car Manufacturing Unit. The development of this most backward district of the state of West Bengal will only disrupt the harmony in the region.

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Heh heh….they just need a reason for hunger strike…well, maybe a “no reason” is a good enough reason.

Do you remember her highness Jayalalithaa trying to do the same thign a few years ago. At least, I assume that was part of a bigger “Get healthy in a week” plan….

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