Democracy inside political parties

There is not even a shred of democracy or transparency in the political parties today and yet they claim to uphold the secular & democratic values of the country. How can we trust the politicians to reform, bring transparency in the country when their own house stinks more than a cesspool? Why don’t political parties submit audited account books? Why they don’t hold elections to elect their ranks & office bearers? On what basis is the CM candidate is being nominated by each political parties?
Political party leadership is not a personal dominion of a person that be transferred out of free will. It is a leadership position that the office bearers need to elect as part of the mandated organizational elections.
Shashikala’s Wikipedia page is an interesting read, because it has nothing. I was unable to locate any speech of the new general secretary of AIADMK. Except her ability to be a loyal personal servant to Jayalalitha, there is no other merit that makes her eligible for this position.
Mulayam Singh treats the SP as his personal jaggir or fiefdom. Son’s uncles, nephews, even bastards and second wife hold all the positions in the party office. Anybody can be expelled, inducted and re-expelled without any meeting, discussion or deliberation.
Congress is digging an ever deeper abyss for itself. There is a sheer lack of leadership, presence of mind or even a plan in the heads of Rahul Gandhi or any of the spokesperson of Congress. It’s like having a IQ of 50+ makes you ineligible for any leadership position in the party.
BJP has become a one-man band riding high on nationalistic fervor. Opposing Modi is equivalent to being unpatriotic. He has become like the great Banyan tree which does not allow the second level to even breathe. No wonder he is increasingly becoming isolated and is lacking the detailed plan & execution needed to realize his grandiose visions & ambitions.
Indian constitution does not have a concept of chief minister candidate or prime minister candidate and for good reasons. People elect their representatives as MP or MLA and these individuals in turn elect their leaders. However, the leadership selection starts only post forming of the house. Yet in the upcoming elections everyone is projecting the CM candidate, not sure for what reasons.
Ashok ruled an empire with 50-60 million population in 250 BC. Auranzeb ruled a population between 100-150 million people in 17th Century. The Marathas ruled 1740 under Balaji BajiRao ruled ~30% of the country. Today’s India is 1.3 billion citizens and there has been no rural in the world that has ever ruled this large a population. Furthermore, almost each great rural is succeeded by an ineffective heir who only brought downfall to the kingdom. Then why are Indians insisting on bringing back kings, dynasties & fiefdom back to India?

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