Dentist and Ice-Cream Parlor

As a child, I actually used to wait for my 6monthly visit to the dentist. Reason: A trip to the ice-cream parlor immediately afterwards was the deal I had made with my parents. Even my dentist used to recommend it, because it was cold which soothes the swollen gums after the treatment and also is loaded with calories so it’s the best substitute for the liquid diet that is recommended after any dental procedure.
20 years ago there were not many ice-cream corporate chains, but still the owners were wise enough to know that it makes sense to open a store right next to the dental clinic. However in Bangalore that’s not the case anymore, I even don’t see any billboard/pamphlet directing me in the right direction. I wonder why? Is it a connection that is unique for me and does not work for the masses or the big marketing analytics team have overlooked the aspect.
I always believe that parents secretly feel guilty for forcing their kids to visit a doctor/dentist. Hence after the visit they are ready to reward the kids with anything!!

street, Bengaluru South, Karnataka, India

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