Depression Quest

The first hypothesis of economics is that Human beings are rational creatures that seek to maximize their utility. The word economics itself means how to maximize the output from a limited set of resources/tools that you begin with. However human beings are not rational creatures, at least not all the time.
Everyone is bound to get into a low phase in their life where they feel depressed. Remember it is not a disease unless you suffer from chronic depression or it occurs very frequently. During this depression phase, the whole world goes upside down. Some people withdraw from the social life and alienate themselves from their friends. Some get into a lethargic mode, others into a self-destructive path of excess. What is worse is that your partner often does not understand why you are behaving in the way you do.
Some partners try to boss around with a hope that you snap out of it. What they don’t realize is that it only makes the depressed person angry and irritated. Some people just skip all interactions with you for a week or more with a hope that one could recompose themselves in this free time. Little they realize that being left alone for long periods only aggregates the problem.
The game is a nice story line based interactive game allowing the users understand how a depressed person thinks, acts and functions. It is a little bit too verbose and involves a lot of reading for those addicted to flash/mobile based games, but worth a shot for someone battling with the dilemma. Best part it is free and has no ads.

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