Like in real life, the outcome is determined not only by what the winner’s strategy was, but also what decisions the rest of the competition took.
Now suppose because of a few bad early moves, you have reached a stage where you know there is no chance of your winning. Also since its winner takes all, it does not matter how badly you lose. Now what should be your future strategy be:
1. Accept your losses and stop spending any more time on it. After all time is very precious.
2. Give in your best, continue to do Game Theory analysis and try finding what would be the best course of action.
3. Have some fun, do something crazy. After all, with your decisions, you can still shape the outcome.
4. A combination of the 2 and 3.

Now does your answer change when you are assured of anonymity i.e. nobody knows your identity, nor
you know whom you are pitched against.

Now the big question…. Why is that anonymity is making you biased towards option3? After all it does not make a rat’s ass difference even if everybody knows my name.

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