Duronto Express

In this budget, with a lot of fanfare, Mamata Bannerjee announces new non stop super fast trains connecting metros. However being a destructive force by nature, unlike her predecessor, she is having great troubles understanding the basic theories of management in services.
Eg: While traveling to Bangalore from Kolkata, I had 2 options:
1. HWH YPR EXPRESS : This train would depart at 20:35 and reach the destination at 7:55am (2nd day)
2. HWH YPR DURONTO: it leaves at 11am and reaches at 16:00hrs of the next day.
The goal of any public transport is not to be the fastest link between two points but the most convenient one. Speed is one of the many important parameters not the only one. Hence I wonder how many of the new trains she has launched this year are going to be successful.
If you look at these 2 trains, the Duronto definitely appears to be faster. However still I booked tickets in the express because its timings are more convenient. If I take Duronto, boarding the train at 11am means that day is spend traveling and I am also not sure how productive I would be if I reach Bangalore railway station at 4pm.

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ohh comeon… u don’t expect a single person to be manning ur train for 24 hour non stop…
even if the train is running they get ample time to rest, rotate duties etc. don’t worry the safety record of indian rail is better than any other means of transport

I totally agree with Ankur. If a pleasure (i.e.tourist) traveller wants to travel by train for just the sake of pleasure, he would prefer these Durontos. But, a Business or Serious traveller values his unproductive time and never prefers a train that eats up his day time. I prefer 8 hours night journey to 5 or 6 hours of day journey, as this time I can spend usefully, than reading books or listening to music sitting in an airconditioned compartment.

Khalil, the duronto is a non stop train only for the passengers, it does stop at a few stations enroute, for eg, the Howrah-New Delhi Duronto stops at Dhanbad, Gaya, Mughalsarai and Kanpur to change drivers. You can always choose these stations as your boarding station in the reservation form. However the catch is that the reservation would be from Howrah to NDLS and hence you would be charged fare likewise.

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