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Education System

I have always tried to write about deficiencies in our education system
choice and passion
pre-british education system

But now i feel that it should be entirely scrapped and rebuilt. That is the only way we can modernize it and align it with the requirements of the present day India.
Firstly, policy makers are Babu’s who have never stepped outside their office. Hence they do not know what the world is. They just think of churning out more clones of themselves as the way to educate India. They always talk about opening a 100 more IIM, IIT etc. But is it what India needs?
1) IIT typically cost government 600 million each year to maintain and yet 90% of the students either move abroad or join IT industry (and hence unlearn what was taught to them)
2) A typical IIM graduate is like an IAS for the private sector. He thinks the world owes them a living. They will not work in traditional industries, sales or marketing jobs or production jobs which MBA is all about. Instead they will always long to migrate or look for a number crunching desk job at an I-bank on wall street. I can never understand in what world is tracking stock Indices requires an MBA skills.

Vocational studies. Unfortunately we are so much engrossed in churning out bots for Call centers and IT/ITES industry that we forget to have a cadre of skilled labor. In India getting a simple crane operator is almost an impossible job. You need to pay him 15k + overtime still you will be lucky to get an applicant.

The Policy Makers Babu do not see their kids attending so they never concentrate on them. Unless a company has its own training program, it is almost impossible to get a experienced factory worker. Probably that is the reason why manufacturing sector is lagging.

I was looking at an ITI syllabus.
All cast iron furnaces have been closed 30 years ago. yet a large part of the curriculum deals with it Why?
Composites/ plastics/ handling CNC and automatic machines is never even mentioned.

IT/Software will not fuel the growth for long. For a country to have a perpetual growth all areas need to be focussed.
Open up a 100 more schools to train factory workers and machine operators….. and not a call center operators.

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