Ever wondered how vulnerable hindu religion is?

Last week, because the idol of a wife of a politician was defaced, the whole Hindu religion was in deep crisis. All over Maharastra there were protests, riots, and disruption of normal life.

I was thinking, what would be the next logical step.
1) kill all the pigeons because they defecate on the idol of Chatrapati Shivaji?
2) Kill att the dogs, because one of them pissed over the car tyres of a Shiv Sainak.

It is the weak who try to hide thier weakness behind violence. If hindu religion is this weak that so called custodian have to resort to violence every week, then probably we should disown it.

PS: good thing is that bombay blasts and Shiv Sena protests were not together, otherwise people would have started suspecting a correlation.

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ever thought the reason behind the things?
Well the wife of the politician u are talking about has done a lot for others.
Though what Shivsenik did was not correct and I am not a big supporter of Shivsena but just imagine the mentality of the group of people defacing the Picture of the Lady?
Imagine A BaratMata’s Portrait Getting Defaced in some country.

Every one is blaming Shivsena but no body is after those who have done such a deed which clearly says that they are mentally sick.

Just My Two Cents
Go nJ0! Life.


its a really sick thing to deface an idol. But aren’t we mature enough not to react so soon and start a religious riots. The difference between the head of a matchstick and that of a human is that human beings think before they react. That is why it takes more than slight friction to cause a fire.
just a couple of months ago idol of ambedkar was defaced, and there were similiar riots.
probably the political motive behind such riots is to cause such unrest.

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