Female Drinking

I met this girl today, who wanted to have a drink at the college party, but did want to be seen pouring her own drink. So she asked guys to get her fruit juice laced with Whiskey.
I have bought a round or 2 of drinks to various girls, but somehow I felt really awkward carrying her glass.

1) First i thought, its because of the fact that I realized that she drinks: But I really don’t care, nor does it matter
2) Then I thought it might because I was not ready to spend 1-2 minutes that I spend in getting her glass… but its unlikely
3) Then I thought it might be because I was appalled by her attempts to mask her drinking problem (she did have 4 rounds of alcohol), but then I have seen people going to much greater extend for masking their problems/addictions… and this won’t list even in the top 10.

What do you think is the reason for me to feel so much awkward while helping her get her drinks.

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hmm.. maybe as a child I had learned this thumb rule….
if you do any action which you are scared of acknowledging then its probably wrong.

moderate drinking is a perfectly healthy habit for me.. but definitely not for her… hence this conflict in values created that tension.

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