flipkart ad: "Aapko bhi to photo dekhkar pasand kiya tha"

I was watching the latest series of Flipkart tv ads and I could see a remarkable difference in the product positioning by this market leader and pioneer in India’s E-Commerce space.
1. Unless the rest of the folks, the ads don’t talk about discounts. Everybody (esp. Indians) love discounts, buts its never good for business and till 2011 had created a situation where almost all the online retailers were booking losses and burning cash (rather than generating it)
2. Returns/reverse logistics: Flipkart has one of the best infrastructure and policy for the dissatisfied customer to return the products. However still the current series of ads don’t talk about it. Maybe its like one of those features (like credit card payment, Cash on delivery) that almost all the online shoppers expect the website to offer. Hence they have realized that its no point wasting precious media time talking about it.
3. “Aapko bhi to photo dekhkar pasand kiya tha”
I loved this line as it will strike a familiar chord amongst the entire country where arranged marriages are prevalent. Here the wife effectively convinces her husband that there is nothing new is selecting goods (or even your spouse) by just a photograph.
4. Use of kids: I am not sure why they use it, but kids create a natural curiosity and grabs our attention. Also it helps to communicate that the website is so easy to use that even toddlers can shop.
The shift from discounts, cash on delivery, return policies to the fact that its not too risky to shop online is a wonderful change. It addresses the core issue which keeps most shoppers away from websites, while ensuring that e-commerce not mere discount stores.

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Nice one. Although ads by e-commerce giants reminds me of These guys have come in India recently and have flooded the internet with their ads. In many popular sites, the top, right and even the bottom widget displays their offers. Contrast that with flipkart and one can see they are more effective –
1. For jabong ads, the users are already on the net, all they have to do is click and another tab opens with the destination site. Flipkart ads focus on TV, implying, the user may or may not remember it next time using the net.
2. Jabong ads directly feature their discount offer, which is a major reason to buy online. Yet to see flipkart TV ads do that.

@saket… yups kids are the most cost effective way to gain attention.
@skabeesh… flipkart needs to focus of tv ads because they have VC funding. the main motto of VC is to gain control of the enterprise .. usually by forcing the company to expand so much and so fast that it stops making any positive cash flows. So now the more the company needs funds, the more power VC gains.
tv ads are expensive… hence almost all VC would insist of launcing a few immediately after funding

I totally agree that discounts are one of the primary reason why people shop online. However price cutting often does not go well with the bottomline.
One should not forget that online stores also offer much more variety and features that a retail store cannot provide… esp when you are in a Tier II or III city. that is the market that flipkart is trying to capture.
one of the biggest problem with online ads is that very few people even bother to look at it. decades of training has ensured that people can navigate the internet and concentrate only on the stuff they are seeking.. filtering away the ads

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