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Game Review – Alan Wake

I have been an avid gamer since well, forever. I have put in enough game-hours to make a good judgment about any game and thought I could jot down my views on some of the games I have played. That being said, I will try to make this concise since there are many detailed walkthroughs, tips and tricks available on the net. We begin with Alan Wake.


A psychological horror first person shooter. Preternatural elements are involved and you play the titular character, who comes to a seemingly idyllic town.

The Best Bits

  • The story and narration mix – An above average story coupled with good narration makes a compelling reason to play. The ending also differed from what I expected.
  • Fantastic music – The songs taken for the game make a fabulous collection, my favorite being ‘The Poet and the Muse’ and ‘Haunted’. I can listen to the former on a loop for hours.
  • The fact that light is used as an actual weapon is a novel idea.
  • The scene where you fight on an old rock concert stage. ‘Children of the Elder Gods’ blasting in the background and you whaling your opponents for a change.
  • The TV show in a dream sequence utilized a video of the actual people on which the characters were modeled.

What could have been better –

  • The DLCs were a comparative let down. After such a good story, it seems the effort put in them was low.
  • The collectibles did not impact the gameplay in anyway, so going after them just to reach a game achievement didn’t seem worthwhile at times.

My takeaway –

A definite recommend. I loved playing it and was genuinely scared at times. 8.5/10.

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i remember playing one 1st person shooter game in your room… where you were a russian shooting down germans….
man that game and the vivid dismemberment & napam burns gave me nightmares

Oh yes! I remember. That was Call of Duty – World at War. I have to agree, it had some brutal graphics. You could shoot someone’s limbs off or set them on fire! (Although I have noticed that all games tend to stereotype Russians as brutal, which I think is wrong.)
Thankfully that series has shifted its focus on other aspects to make the next games more immersing. And as for nightmare, you should play this one. The simple concept of fighting ghosts in creepy dark woods still has its charms!

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