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Game Review – Tomb Raider

This reboot of the very famous Lara Croft – Tomb Raider series was something I was looking forward to play. The character is no longer a scantily clad hottie with loads of oomph, but a meaningful and more likeable character in many ways.

 Premise –

 A stealth-based first person shooter. Your character is marooned on an island where previous survivors and a mystical force don’t allow you to leave. This game shows the growth of Lara Croft into a survivor.

The Best Bits –

  • An open and interactive environment made map exploration actually enjoyable.
  • The gradual but palpable change in the protagonist, who goes from “Please. Why are you doing this?” to “That’s right, run. I am coming for you.” over the course of the game.
  • The survivor instinct is extremely helpful in navigation, which otherwise can be frustrating if you get stuck.
  • The point where Lara had to cauterize her wounds in the helicopter and the fight that followed.
  • The final scene where she dual-wields the pistols in the traditional Lara Croft way.

What could have been better –

  • Your character gets so much experience, that you have the ability to get more perks than the total perks available. Was this not calculated in the alpha phase?
  • The mini-puzzles of the secret tombs and wall climbs near the climax remind you strongly of Prince of Persia-Warrior Within, but fail to come even in the horizon of its complexity or fun.

My takeaway  –

Another definite recommend.  This game also sets a good premise for future games in the franchise which I look forward to. 8/10.

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