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Often you enter without having a vaguest clue of what you want or what should be the best or appropriate. You talk to the store reception, go around the display shelves and pick something up.

Online retail stores work on the assumption that you know what you want and they will get you the best price on that purchase. They work more as a stockist rather than a retailer. The only USP they have is the best bargain. (and price war is never a good business strategy)

Take a simple Scenario:
1) I want to take my girl out for a wonderful evening (movie/food/shopping etc.) I want something nice, different and new. But I am looking for suggestions.
2) Thanks to Hallmark, there is a gifting occasion every fortnight. I want to buy for my sister/ aunt/ father etc. and I am clueless what I should get.

All I want is that there should be phone number (not online yellow pages) which keeps track of a database of the latest fashion trends. You just dial them and feed all the data. They will work with you and try to list out options you can have.

You give customer clarity and make him happy. After he makes up his mind you offer him:
“If you want, we can pick it up from the store. Wrap it and dispatch it to the specified address.”
“We can reserve a wonderful table for you”

Now who can refuse this offer?

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I thought about the idea only an hour ago and will allow it to sit for 2 weeks so that all the flaws emerge out.
I am thinking in making it a call-centre based startup with an email interface to send the catalog over. For that I need a staff of 4 and about 200k INR (5k USD) + marketing costs.
the problem with internet based company is that the model can easily be replicated and it does not give the personal touch.

Hi , how are you doing ?:-)

so starting a new business altogether and curtacy goes to a your Girlfreind .

Hmmm girlpower is really strong .


hey thanks for dropping by. What about u… how is life… ne news?
naah not really starting a new business, but seriously thinking of a change. after 2.5yrs IT starts getting into you plus recently I sold some shares and am looking for an alternative avenue to invest.

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