Godmen-ungodly business

The most lucrative business in India today would either be producing a TV serial or to become a ‘Godman’ with a bunch of trusted buddies posing as devoted disciples. In the first all that the producer, usually an ex-actor needs is some money and contacts with popular channels. The rest of the work is simple; catch hold of some actors who are not in demand and make them weep to their hearts content and let the camera roll.

While in the latter the added advantage is , it requires zero investment. The ‘Saadhu’ just needs outlandish garbs, a deceptive smile and repulsive looks with a hairdo that would put Medusa to shame.
If P.C.Sorkar had used his skills in magic to produce a ‘crystal lingam’ or ‘silver efigy’ from air, he could have done away with advertisements for his magic show and his ‘ashram’ ( an inevitable byproduct of having mad disciples) would be a sought after one.
Most of the Godmen are nothing but soothsayers who cash in on the vulnerability of the people seeking solace.
Some claim to be able to perform miracles and solve just about any problem under the sun — from helping jilted lovers and solving marriage problems, to comforting those with job worries and healing the sick.The list is endless and the main target of these people are the ones from the movie world. They gain the confidence of the famous and slowly spread their influence with the powerful but superstitious politicians. And the atrocities they commit after that , is anyone’s guess.
These public figures are hardly alone in seeking answers from the stars and soothsayers; the persistence and popularity of such beliefs attracts even laymen to these characters like moth to fire. When one has lost all hopes or is not able to draw sympathy from close ones , he/she feels these pseudosciences can help. As for celebrities they are fueled by greed .
Even psychologists agree that all belief systems–astrology, Objectivism, religion–ease anxiety about the human condition, and provide the illusion of security, predictability, control, and hope in an otherwise chaotic world.
As long as fear exists among people such godmen will thrive and as long as there is ignorance , there would be cheats.

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🙂 As long as there is no education such people will thrive. Our politicians dont want eduction to be given as they are vote banks – net result is they will live for ever!!!

Personally I have seen these guys amass wealth which even an highly educated engineer will not get legally!!

BUt, there are some genuine ones who dont appear in media but do the social work incognito – not all the tomatoes are rotten in the lot.

There is no connection of education with followers … I personally have seen all sorts of educated people going to godmen, doctors, engineers, lawyers.

Well we had a 4 hour long discussion about it and final thing was that as a human being, everyone has got some beliefs. These beliefs were there in ancient times and they are still there. A person would follow anyone who supports his belief and make him attain what he wish!! The most common belief in indians is God, thus the godmen!!!

@gmohanprakash: you are right, not all the tomatoes are rotten in the lot.

Hi Amit

@gmohanprakash: you are right, not all the tomatoes are rotten in the lot.//
after reading Mohan’s comment ,I was wondering if there cld be atleast one genuine godman.
I guess as far as they stay in temples or their private ashrams , there wld’nt be much harm.
Only when they try to act as agents for God does the prob start.

I am yet to see even one good tomato.

this is kinda ridiculous
what about all the tv channels that do the same thing? god tv peace tv miracle net etc

the whole islamic religion is based on godmen or mullahs? they decide on peoples lives and that too pseudo legally

Ankur and Amit…
I know what’s wrong with Ankur…he is commenting while he is half asleep 🙂
but Amit…what happened to u ? the comment was addressed to u and I had copied part of ur comment in it.(the one u addressed to Mohan). for Godmen helping me , yes…I’d love to have them at my office 🙂

this is kinda ridiculous
what about all the tv channels that do the same thing? god tv peace tv miracle net etc //
I am talking exclusively about Hindu godmen. That is somethig I know about.
I would not be very upset , if its just praying or visiting places of worship. But its combined with performing special rituals which looks more like sorcery, that puts one off. And ofcourse brainwashing young kids to join the cult.

the whole islamic religion is based on godmen or mullahs? they decide on peoples lives and that too pseudo legally //
Islamism as I understand is based on ‘Kuran’.Their Law is based on the interpretation of Kuran by their religious scholars.

@Sree: There are some good tomatoes. and to think of rotten tomatoes .. i don’t mind one or two of them if they give me a good tasty curry!! some godmen are improving the physical and mental fitness of people and i m happy with that.
I m sure no godmen would come to your office. everyone fears a lady lawyer!!

I have met a person who is very intelligent and has a flair for language and is also a friendly person. He teaches yoga and meditation. As long as he is just that, I admire and respect him and wld even be a great fan of him as he simply spells charm. I usually meet him in a place where he comes for an informal visit and so he is in his casual attire..shorts, t-shirts and sneakers.
The very same person wears turban and all the accompaniments when he conducts his workshops…I dont mind that either. Its when he professes his proximity with god , that irks me.
They use their intelligence and charms to woo people and most of them are celebrities or wealthy businessmen.
I dont think there are any good tomatoes…even sun-dried , slightly stale tomatoes sometimes makes a good dip ! But it’s fact that they are rotten.
As for them fearing Lady lawyers…yes..I think its a fact 🙁 I think its more to do with being embarassed.

Dear all,
Science as in terms of its ability to manufacture the same result every where, everytime is considered the only standard. There are many things in life which is termed BELIEF which is at best left to the person alone – Many decads of debate has not established the ultimate truth so 4 hrs isnt great!!!

BTW, i do know some tomatoes personally but woudnt like to advertise. But its wrong to conclude every single one of them is rotten – shows that the negetive aspects have overriden good things.

Like my good atheist friend used to say – Thank god, am still an atheist.

Bottom line is that everybody gets cheated but it takes common sense to realize the cheating and avoid it next time – the uneducated repeatedly fall for this.

ok first of all there is no compulsion for u to want to put urself off,
most hindu godmen do not issue fatwas or edicts that force u to do an act …plus if its kids ur talkg about tis their parents who should be more bothered than u
about islam being solely interpreted thru koran u r wrong there is the Hadees and then there are so many other books which most deobandis refer to , to issue the fatwas

// …plus if its kids ur talkg about tis their parents who should be more bothered than u //
next u’d be saying we shd not be bothered about female infanticide or any other issues that do not directly affect us.

soldier on sree , u r free to voice ur opinions
but please dont next u others … howevr hard u try, u cant think what im thinking

//howevr hard u try, u cant think what im thinking//
sir, then please care to share…. we would love to know what u think about 🙂

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