Hail dictator Gandhi: Strange India

Indira Gandhi did not declare emergency on 25th June 1975 because country was at war (it happened for a 13 day period from 3-16th December 1971). She declared emergency because she was found guilty of corruption and wanted to circumvent democracy by imposing dictatorial rule on India. Times of India summed it really appropriately in its obituary column:

“D.E.M O’Cracy, beloved husband of T Ruth, loving father of L.I.Bertie, brother of Faith, Hope and Justice, expired on June 26”

A dictator who subdued the freedom of this country is widely respected and remembered in India. A large portion of the population condones the mass castration & atrocities that her son unleased her own citizens. The draconian policies, 97% income tax rate, inconsistent nationalization policies brought India to the crisis and institutionalized corruption. Yet the TV and radio praise her as mother of reforms & liberalization. What they don’t realize is that by when Narasimha Rao only undid her policies that country could grow and break the hindu-growth rate stalemate.
My daughter opted to dress up as Indira Gandhi on the independence day as part of school’s fancy dress competition. I couldn’t stop laughing at the irony but surprisingly neither my family nor the school authorities could understand why this is so wrong and disgraceful. I guess history can be written and re-written a 100 times. What people remember is the propaganda which survives and that is usually popular fiction unrelated with truth.

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