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Happy (?) birthday to you

Birthdays have always had a special place in our lives. The only difference I feel at this point is whose…

Before becoming an engineering student, my birthday was my most important day. But since then, it has always been to the fellows close to my hostel room. Ya, you guessed it. Its bumps time! Also known as GPL, this is the most happening part of anyone’s birthday. Let me give you a small description of what happens in this auspicious ceremony.

The birthday boy (read: victim), starts perspiring and praying fervently that his friends forget his birthday a couple of hours before the clock strikes midnight. People have reportedly gone so far as to change their birth dates from orkut a week before. As the zero hour approaches, his friends, colleagues and basically any frustrated guy living nearby (read: killer-sharks) join together and pull the victim out of his hiding. Then they proceed to lift him in the air and start delivering the following on his rear in a dedicated and purposeful manner:

1.       Kicks

2.       Wet slippers

3.       Knees!

4.       Belts!!!

This ceremony usually continues till the victim cries, the sharks feel they have had enough (this one is theoretical, they never seem to have enough) or someone in his senses decides to take a stand. This may be followed by cakes and a round of drinks. The funny part is: however the victim feels wronged and reviled about this, he eagerly joins the sharks when it’s his neighbours’ turn.

The logic? It is basically taking out all your pent up emotions of how you feel wronged by the prof who didn’t give you marks for what you didn’t study, anger for not being given a good place in a queue despite your mother telling you how special you are, etc etc. So you take your frustration out on me, and I will repay in kind by making you my punching (kicking) bag. Nice emotional release system, eh?

Time up, gotta go and kick some ass…

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well there are a fortunate few whose birthday falls during vacation and hence escape all the trauma… while there are unfortunate few whose birthday falls just before the Manac exams and people take all the frustration out on them.

belts…. well i have never seen anybody doing that.

oh yes….really popular in my engg college…
you had to see the ‘ceremony’ to believe it. what you see here doesn’t even qualify for a fraction of its…

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