Hindi Soaps and Serials

This week, I got an unprecedented chance to have a close look at the various serials and soaps that my mom is addicted to. What I could not stop wondering are:
1. how come most of the serials have a 25 year old calling another 25 year old as his/her Mom. I wonder how much our biotechnology and cloning has advanced.
2. Why has all the slaps and harsh words need to be repeated 3 times. That too complete with all the sound effects.
3. Why do ladies have to dress up with full makeup when the entire scene is shot at home.
4. Have you noticed that the 3 minute recap can capture each and every dialogue, and the entire story.

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5. Every kid will end up having 2 sets of parents (natural / adopted / by relation as in one of the parents having extra marital affairs etc).

I noticed this in Kyonki Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu thi. I dont now if the same was there in other serials as well

With bollywood-hindi soap serials always expect the wildly unexpected
supply depends on demand! and miss k prospers…

i had posted on amber dhara sometime back and even got wierd comments
when the serial shut shop … somone even almost abused me

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