Hollywood and MBA

Today at Livemint, I read an interesting article. The journalist tried to teach some of the Management lessons by analyzing the movie IronMan2.
I remember at IIM-L, one of the faculty members used to regularly use scenes from Mahabharata (an epic hindu book) to teach us certain aspects of Management, esp negotiation, soft skills and HR training. Another professor screened “12 Angry Men” during an exam. I guess these examples help a lot in reinforcing the faculty’s point of view and explain the students the real life application of the issue being discussed. I wonder how many other schools and colleges also take a similar approach.

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The article mentioned is intended more as a satire. But the point you made is good enough. Another professor at our college taught a case which was based upon his own personal experiences. Personally, that was the best case I had done in the college.
I guess the problem is most B Schools just teach cases what HBS has printed out. Look at it from HBS’s perspective…those cases are based on the professor’s experience. It makes it more relevant for them to teach it. An approach like this will make case based studies more meaningful, since professors will be able to add their real life perspective to it rather than a theoretical approach.

true… and the biggest problem is that even though most of the students and faculty have lived their entire life in india and probably will work in India too.. these HBS cases often does not cover India.
Often when a cultural and social angle is involved in a complex case, then the findings and case analysis for an Indian scenario would be opposite of that for a Western scenario

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