Recently there was an office email debate going on about the benefits of Homeopathy

The views range from:

Homeopathy is a glorified placebo prescribed by quacks.
There is so much diet and other restrictions. Do you think I am crazy that I would go for it?


Homeopathy is the best medicine that a man can get. It boosts ones immunity, has no side effect. What else can you ask for?

One gentleman even forwarded me the link to this 5 million dollar experiment conducted by BBC proving that Homeopathy is nothing more than a placebo.

My personal take after all this (and I am no qualified medical professional) is that:
Most medicines have a psychological element attached to it and hence the very feeling that some near and dear one cares for us and that we are getting the right medicine has more healing effects than the medicine themselves. Hence even if they don’t work, I would prefer a pill popper to consume Homeopathy/Ayurvedic medicine rather than any toxic bio-medical concoction which the doctors normally prescribe.

Whats your take?

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I fully agree ankur ,faith and a correct diet are important, after all we are what we eat. As a kid i was brufen dependent and my health was always bad, and have gone through all known sicknesses. Later i started avoiding alopathy as far as possible after a stroke of jaundice which 3 people had got simultaneously – the person on the homeopathic medicine recovered first, me on ayurvedic was cured next and the last one on alopathy took almost a week more to recover.

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