How long does it take to give an online transaction order?

My experience: 75 hours
1) 6:30 Am Woke up, checked read my newspaper and decided to buy 300 shares of RPL (at 65/- each)
2) 6:40 I log into the website just to discover my password has expired. (it expires every 2 weeks and I log in once every 1-2 month so it is a big annoyance)
3) 7:00: Still trying to transfer 20k from Citibank to sharekhan. Website was very slow and it ultimately crashed.
4) 9:30: Still I cannot see money in my account although it has been debited from my bank. Call up customer care.
5) 9:40 still waiting for the call center guy to answer my call.
6) 10:00 I again log into the account discover that my account has 130,000 of credit (Biggest shock in my life)
a. Search left and right in the website to get a clue of what transactions have happened. But apparently sharekhan keeps no history beyond 24 hours.
b. Called up customer care and again an endless wait.
7) 10:30 Finally someone picked up my call…. EUREKA! Persistence pays. But during this time lost my cool. (which happens only once in a year or so)
8) It is tough to communicate over phone when the disinterested call center guy cannot speak legible English/ Hindi/ Marathi. But still manage to sit with him and get the record straight.

The 130,000 Debt was due to the book keeping error of the portal and shall not be rectified till the end of the working day. Apparently maintaining a sane account is too much to ask for.
So Net result for no fault of mine I am barred from transaction till 10:00 a.m. 4th of December. (The dip happened on 30th of Nov and I decided to purchase at 6:30am 1st December.)

Answer to the above question:
It takes 75 hours (assuming that sharekhan website does not crash on Monday)
I lost 4 man hours waiting for the website to load and the customer care to pick up the phone.
Till 2:30 pm. At least 6 persons from the office floor have approached to find out what had happened. (so another 3 man hours lost in explaining)
read my previous product bashing.

I rarely say bad words. But today I must say Sharekhan is the shittiest web-portal ever existed. More bashing on mouthshut

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