IAS officer (yeh baat kuch hajam nahi hue)

I was reading this article in Hindu

BANGALORE: Gold ornaments estimated at Rs. 4.50 lakh and Rs. 20,000 in cash were stolen from an IAS officer’s hotel room in Upparpet police station limits on Wednesday.

The police said Prathap Sinha, an IAS officer from Lucknow, had come here for his son’s admission into a professional college and was staying with family members in a Gandhinagar hotel. Around 9.30 p.m., Mr. Sinha found that a bag containing the cash and jewelery was stolen from the room. The Upparpet police, who have registered a case, suspect that a room boy who brought tea for Mr. Sinha and his family members, might have made away with the bag.

I had just one question to ask…. You are here for a college admission (not a marriage) of your son, but you have just 20k of cash and a few lakhs of gold? Why would a guy in his right mind carry 4.5 Lakh worth of jewelery anywhere?

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must be a couple of nerds

u have a nice blog here. sat and read the whole humor section. will make time for the rest of it.


i do not know… i find the lady most attractive when she is wearing little jewelry and not burden herself in 700gm of gold.
but then its personal preference… a lot of females feel gold is a save investment and a good contingency fund.

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