on June 18th ICICI Bank aims to raise at least Rs 10,000 crore from investors, while DLF is raising between Rs 8,750 cr.
Very few countries have the financial strength to allow for a mega offer, and India is currently going to witness 2 mega offers back to back. So it is a very good news.

Looking at the previous issue, I think ICICI would price its issue at around 900/- (the stock was traded at 900/- today) which makes it very competitive. However it should be giving about a 5% discount (855/-) and/or an option to retail investors of partial upfront payment of application money.
Since it is a FPO (further public offer) investors should not expect much listing gains, but these 2 offers combined would make some investing sense.

There is no concept of annualized average returns in stock markets… its all a function of your alpha and beta.


ICICI Bank issue will be open from 19-22 June.
The Price band is an aggressive 885-950/- (plus there is a 50/- discount for retail) making it (835 – 900/-). Retail investors have to pay only 250/- per share at the time of their application 🙂
There is also an green shoe offer to protect your investments.

15th July: those who have applied to partially paid ICICI shares need to pay an additional 250/- bu 26th July.

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i am putting my money in it… but ICICI is good only for a long term investment (6-12 months)… in short term i do not think you can probably make 30-40/- (provided market does not takes a dip)… but remember u might get full allotment to shares in this FPO, so just do not overstretch urself

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