ID cards made mandatory

In the communist state of Russia and East Germany all citizens had to compulsorily carry identification papers with them. It listed their place of work, their place of living. If they were nabbed anywhere away from these two locations, then they could be arrested. Usually the officials accept your reasons, but when they did not, the citizens were send off to concentration camps for ever.

Why am I telling you so?
Indians now have to carry their papers everywhere. Random checks will happen and documents not being in order, is a just reason for arrest.

This is very interesting because a 1/3 of the citizens cannot read and write. So it might be hard for them to know whether they are carrying their papers or their wife/kid’s documents. Also Ration Card (PDS) is the only form of documentation for majority of the citizens, but you cannot get one if you do not have a house or live in slums.

Hail Singh!!!

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its not even the question of minority…
Indians did not win democracy.. it was handed down to us.. that is why we don’t value our rights….
in any other country people would have rioted even at the mention of one such move

well if the home minister made less visits to 10 janpath and more to his office and took his job seriously a situation like this wouldn’t occur offstumped has detailed analysis on his incompetence

a friend just pointed out that there is 1 ration card for the entire family….
so it would be impossible to expect that the entire family can carry identification papers all the time.

law and order is a state subject.. i doubt whether the Cabinet minister can do anything significant.

//we generally riot on religion//
exactly… we r too much pre occupied with trivial that we forget the main issues

i agree security has become a status symbol… and honestly how can anybody be comfortable with it…
at one of my friend’s place, there was 24 hour police security.. and inspite of that the brass main gate (where the constable stands) was stolen

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