if its white and tasty, its toxic

What is common between
Common Salt
White Flour (Maida)
and these days also Milk

All dietitians will tell you that they are bad for health and would like to regulate its intake. However one cannot stop and wonder why all of them needs to be white and how a few grains of salt, a spoonfull of Ghee and Sugar makes the food tasty.

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Sugar isn’t white on it’s own! What about the variety of chilis/spices which come on all kinds of colors? — a spoonful is enough to make food tasty — and they also need to be taken in regulation!

i think its about stereotypes , and using them to sell stuff
why only white
take any product read the label -ull find it has permitted colors and added flavors and additives

suger goes through an agent to decolor it, and it seems to be bone char which is not particularly veg ๐Ÿ™‚

:)) yes bone charcoal is used to make the activated charcoal for purifying the sugar.. and no company till date has marketed sugar free from bone char…
i wonder if there is a market opportunity here

It is my contention that the responsibility for all our problems of obesity, fat, cholesterol, heart problems etc. is God. He has put all the fat, cholesterol, triglycerides, sugar etc in the foods we like – sweets, cakes, hamburgers, chips, ice cream, chocolates, fries, etc and wants us to eat โ€œhealthyโ€ foods like brinjals, karela, garlic and pumpkin, etc. But see what he wants as prasad. Whenever we offer anything to him, he wants ghee, sweets, coconut, milk, curds, pedas, honey, fruits etc.

Now next time you visit a temple offer him brinjals, karela, onions, garlic and pumpkin and tell him that till he reverses the contents of the food we like this is what we will offer!! All our problems should disappear real fast.

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