India Singapore relations

I always believed that India is a big nosy neighbor who makes the life of its neighbors a mess… but looks like Manmohan Singh has finally proved me wrong.
1) First he signed a FTA with Srilanka then with several other SE Asian countries esp Singapore in June 2005

2) Then today taking the country by the surprise, today we signed a historic treaty. India would not only be leasing the airbase of Kalaikunda. Who could believe that in the sleepy village of West Bengal (just cycling distance away from IIT Kharagpur), we will be training foreign pilots… its like our own Top Gun school.

Do you guys think that CPI which protested about Indo-US naval joint exercise so strongly at Visakhapatnam will do the same this time also?

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:)) nice comment… I learned a new word today *ruckus*

well they r a bunch of hypocrates… it is ok for MNC to come to WB, ok for state government to go for disinvestment… but it is not ok for Center to do the same…
and the same would apply for this defense contract.

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