Indian airport magazine: promoting whom?

I am unable to comprehend why a tourist magazine subsidized by Indian tax payers spend crores of money publishing detailed photogenic travelogue of international destinations and not cover domestic destinations. Furthermore, it forces the states to buy advertising space to promote their region but will give a much detailed articles on international locations for free?

Indian government has a campaign of Incredible India where they claim that there are more to see in India than what one can cover in a lifetime. Yet Indian government’s journalist seems to be more interested in a paid trip abroad to promote the economy there.

Assam, north east India, Himalayas are treasures which have not been fully explored by the tourist in India. Killing time at the airport, a magazine with the elephants & Rhinos of the Dooars at its cover. But imagine my surprise when I saw that the bulk of the magazine is devoted to international destinations like Switzerland, Vietnam, Romania & places outside India.
There were a few isolated pages about some tourist destinations like Gujarat, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Odisha but those were paid one page advertisement.

Furthermore Jhakhand government is more interested promoting its political leadership, then attracting tourist. I am unable to comprehend how this advertizement is relevant for the audience of Kashmir (where I picked up this magazine) but I am sure our geniuses must have a strong basis.

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