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Indian Budget

Over the lunch, we guys could not help but wonder how complicated Indian Budget is.

After reading the budget, I was wondering what is the tax rate on Umbrella.
Honestly, the only correct answer is:
“It depends on who is asking.”

The tax rates depends on whether it was made by a big industry, cottage industry or a medium industry.
It depends on whether the umbrella was fold-able or not. If foldable, then how many folds does it have.
What fabric it was made from silk, polyester, plastic.
Was the cloth imported or domestic.
If domestic, then was it made in a hand loom, a power loom. By an Indian company or a MNC?
Were the components assembled in Mumbai (or developed regions where it rains) or some arid backward regions of Rajasthan?

The list goes on.

Why do Indians make everything so complicated?
Does it really help and serve its purpose?

I would have really helped if the Budget was a 2 page document
1st page is the balance sheet, explaining how, where and how much were the taxes collected and spend
2nd sheet: a simple addendum stating the difference from the last time.

8 replies on “Indian Budget”

there would be no fun for the mantri or his bureaucrats who would have no scope to do the fudging and getting of all the donations in cash that too – unlimited and tax free …
remember the bangaru incident? well. do u think the bjp is alone in this game.

yups more twisted and complicated the rule book is, the more powers these babus will wield.

about Bangaru….
how many politicians in the last 60 years were convicted? so things will go as normal

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