Indian kids more famished than Sub-Saharan African

Read this news article from WorldBank quoting a UNICEF study on kids.

Also read this article about how UN actually used Peace Keeping contracts as bargaining chips. Considering that Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Nepal together constitute majority of the UN peace keepers, this development can have undesirable influence over the sub-continent.

Sell Tiger to Save it: An unusual proposal to save the endangered tiger.

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@abu…. i know it is a sad news but it is something we will work on. Already we have a wonderful mid day program in place. According to this all children below the age of 14 are not only provided with free education, books and uniform, but also with nutritious lunch.
this scheme pioneered by Jayalalitha (Tamil Naidu) has not only increased the attendance in school but also has tackled the malnutrition. However looks like we need many more such schemes to eliminate this.

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