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Indian Radars

Isn’t it amazing that the crudest home-made micro-light aircrafts can enter the airspace undetected, attack the airbase and return unchallenged. What further amazes me that this was Sri-Lanka’s main airbase, which housed state of the art Israeli built Kfirs and Ukrainian MIG 27s and the raiders made no attempts to mask themselves are a friendly vehicle.
Why were the anti-aircraft gun unable to shoot them down?

How is it possible?

For those who do not know, India is a military adviser for the Sri-Lankan Air force. And only a few months ago, we supplied this airport with latest Indian made Radar Systems (Indra-II). Since they were worth junk… India installed them for free and no doubt the failed miserably and caused such a great international embarrassment.

My question is:
Why does India even bother spending billions of dollars in developing these antique pieces of junk? And worse still gift them (yes, most of our armament exports are as gifts to 3rd world countries who cannot pay rather than a real purchase) to countries where it fails and creates an international embarrassment.

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Interesting… I dint know India was so giving!!!! (no pun intended… Im an Indian too and Im proud of my country)

its diplomacy… u give other countries aid and equipment.. and they return u with contracts, support in UN, trade etc.

China has given away 1billion dollars worth of freebies to Africa last year

I remember this time when Madagascar was plagued with a problem with their power plant and they turned to their former rulers, the French. The French came there studied the plant and said that the only possible solution is to build a new one. Poor Madagascar tried its luck by approaching India, and behold, the Indians fixed it, saving Madagascar heaps of money. For me, that’s the “meaningful” giving…

thats news and a good one…
but whenever u export…. its crucial that u ensure its quality and somehow DRDO is not known for it.
this has often led india into tricky spots. but then its part of life

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