Indian Restrooms| Hygiene

Why is it so difficult to get a decent, clean rest-room in India? Furthermore 9/10 restaurants/petrol-bunks/service establishments would not even have running water, lighting or even a remote resemblance of sanitization. Flushes will not work and faucets would be leaking. Furthermore they would put a big lock on the washroom as if it is a storehouse of the entire establishment’s wealth.
Forget tissue paper or toilet roll or even a clean towel. A typical Indian restaurant/petrol bunk would have one of the 3 options:

  1. no soap
  2. Liquid soap which is not 8 parts water and 1 part liquid soap. I wonder if it can still clean because I can never generate any lather out of it for sure.
  3. A bar which is of the size of a 1 rupee coin and rendered practically impossible to scrub with

You would be lucky to find running water or a dry washroom. In most cases we have to pour water a bucket… gosh how unsanitary…. The customers could probably take their bum elsewhere for a crap but have some consideration for your employees and the owner themselves. They have no  other alternative but to use the establishment’s facilities.
The purpose of knowledge and culture is to develop on your heritage. If 5000 years ago Indus valley civilization (Harappa, mohenjo daro) could develop the concept of toilets, running water and drainage why can’t we today do the same?

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