India’s love for peace? ( you can conquer but not rule).. tibet chapter

The Iraq war has clearly validated that you can conquer the country in a matter of hours, but it will take a heavy toll if you wish to establish a rule there.

A thousand Americans lost their life in Iraq not while fighting but while acting as a sentry, guarding the outposts and regular patrol duty. The people strongly condemn the foreign rule and they violently express their opinions.

Well, bringing this to the context of India- China relation opens up a new dimension in the secret wars and foreign policy disaster which I was talking about.

Tibet was a buffer state between the 2 Asian Giants. The presence of a buffer territory is a time tested method of reducing the tension and border incidents between the two super-powers. Chinese acquisition of Tibet did not go very well with India.
1) We condemned the Dragon of being an aggressor.
2) Gave shelter to the spiritual leader Dalai Lama.
3) Questioned the validity of the puppet govt. and the new Dalai Lama which Chinese govt. installed.
Chinese saw it in this way:
1) In order to rule Tibet, the Dalai Lama’s presence has to be quenched.
2) In future, if India gets powerful and it can use absconding leader as a pretense to expand its territories.
3) Over years the British had slowly and steadily expanded their territories into the weak Tibet, the Mac-Mohan line was forced on Tibet kingdom.

The war preparation at that moment was next to nothing. In fact India lost so much ground without even a single fight that Pakistan’s thought of capturing the buffer state of Kashmir could be put into action.

If China would have been an aggressor, it could have simply flag marched into New Delhi and we would be standing and accusing it of back-stabbing. Chanakya esp. said that there is friendship among equals. Humble states may call their alliance friendship, but it is actually submitting and seeking protection. It is a misfortune that the work of such a wonderful manager of diplomatic relations gathers dust.


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…I had a discussion on one of those Tibet lists a few years ago about Tibetan words for the Takin, after seenig some at the zoo in Mysore. Toni Huber (of Berlin) has visited Assam and also enquired with Tibetans and various Assam peoples about names for the animal. Some think the Takin word is Tibetan in origin, but Toni doubts that. I’m not ready to solve the confusion, just to point out that the confusion is there. Part of the problem is that the Ba-men domesticated hybrid looks somewhat like the wild Takin, especially around the head and horns. I’m no expert, but a biologist will tell you right away that a domestic hybrid and a wild non-hybrid can’t possibly be the same creature. Especially if the wild non-hybrid didn’t contribute any genes to the hybrid, as is the case here I believe.Mithun is the word actually used in Assam for what Tibetans correctly call Ba-men. I’ve encountered mentions of the horn of the Ba-men in 12th century Tibetan texts, but I can’t tell you if any Takin appears during those times or not. More I can’t say. I really can’t say what the ‘true’ name of the Takin is, just because there seems to be a lot of local variation, and no clear occurrences in early Tibetan literature that I know about. That could be because it’s main habitat was in the SE and E of Central Tibet-plus-Kham, where people were only partially or somewhat attached to Tibetan language and culture. But regardless of the true name, it’s the continuing existence of the true animal that we have to be mainly concerned about.(Sorry about reposting, just had to fix a mistake in the earlier message.)

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