India’s Politics – Bimal Jalan

I was fortunate enough to pick this book by the former governer of RBI. 200 page hard bound book (with plastic seal intact) costed me less than 100/-,  so I was a bit cautious if it was any good. My intention was to read the fist few chapters and get a gist about his views on Indian politics and economic policy making. This would give me an insight about what this man saw and why he did what he did.


However this book surprised me. Its well written in high school level english. The book is basically a summary of the current political schenario and a little history about why things are the way they are. Although no document on politics can be unbiased, I must say this book is good attempt for someone who is writing his first book. For some one like me who want to get a feel about the political scenario of the country, but are too afraid/proud to ask this is a god send gift.

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