Industrial Area: Poor Infrastructure

It does not take long for someone traveling on road from Lucknow to Kanpur to realize when Lucknow ends and when Kanpur starts. I asked my taxi driver, why Kanpur roads are so bad, ill maintained, dirty and congested. His curt reply was, because Kanpur is an industrial town.
In almost all states of India, one of the poorest infrastructure is found in the industrial belt. Esp in the region where small/medium scale industries are setup (SME). World over Industry enjoys the best infrastructure. They get good roads/highways so that the logistic bottlenecks are taken care of, uninterrupted power and water so that production does not stop etc. Probably this is the reason why India is so behind in Industrial development. In the month of Feb, once again the industrial production shrank.

I wonder how long will it take for the people to realize that small and medium scale industries form the backbone of the economy.

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