Institutionalized rumour

Today going through one of my collegue’s website I can across this article

Some of the skeptics of Wikipedia always said, now the rumours are going to be institutionalized. Well that day has already come. A lot of print media (esp. tabloids) are quoting some obscure article in some website/blog as the breaking news. Then the website/blog publishes a copy of that article to prove their point. Net result a figment of imagination of a nerd becomes a popular opinion. Spreading disinformation was never easier.
Search Engines also add to the trend. If my website had a million hits, then anything I would say would be in the third best match (google reserves top 2 matches for commercial links). Its more convinient for the search engines to return a dubious information then no information.

Luckily, there is still BBC news website which gives me trust worthy news.

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