IPL becomes NRIPL

Today’s newspaper is screaming about the news that IPL matches have to be shifted to South Africa or England because the safety of Indian players in this Indian event is at risk.

What message does the Indian Government want to communicate by saying that it cannot guarantee the safely of Indian nationals (who are not involved in any controversy) on Indian Soils?

You might call me anti-P Chidambram, but it looks like home minister has lost his mind.
When the Sensex was falling, he emphasized on the confidence building positive talks to raise the sentiments. In fact he did it so much that many people started wondering if he truly understood the gravity of the situation.
Now when he is in Home Ministry and people of India are desperately looking for a reason why they should feel safe, he is denying us one. Why is the GoI chickening out? Why can’t it guarantee the safety of Indian Nationals? Has it lost its spine?

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Lots it long long ago …
vote politics and likes
Plus vvips need security on their dees barhman yaatras or campain trips
also anything untoward will expose the pathetic record of the upa on security
to our short term memory suffering public…

i agree, another incident similar to what happened to SriLankan cricketers in Pak is the last thing Congress want.

thanks and welcome to Enagar.

the teams are build on state lines, and expect 1-2 players the remaining all the players are indians. also the audience is primarily indian/nri…. so whats wrong in my calling it an indian event?

//What message does the Indian Government want to communicate by saying that it cannot guarantee the safely of Indian nationals (who are not involved in any controversy) on Indian Soils?

I agree.. it IS pretty unnerving.

seen congress manifesto?
wheat at 3 rs a kilo nrega for all no to privatization and amazing controlling deficit how is the conondrum possible?
The communist manifesto is worse
Bjp is still to come out with its own and that will be no better
The way things stand i expect more deficit spending and more taxes and higher prices and a throwback to indira era of uncontrolled spending and control raj
what say u?

Ankur, though I am not a big supporter of Chidambaram or the Cong. govt., I beg to differ on your opinion here. I think the point made was that due to the security that has to be provided for elections, there might not be adequate security cover for the IPL matches. And IPL, as you know, involves huge money and viewership. So my question is – Why couldn’t have Lalit Modi postponed it for a month rather than changing venue. Elections are in the best interest of the country, so why not Lalit Modi do this for the sake of our country when, even otherwise, its going to rain money for IPL! I think we ought to be a big reasonable here than just blaming the govt. I would rather blame Lalit for moving IPL out of India.

safety of Indian players in this Indian event is at risk.

the safety of all the players are at risk.
and note only 3 foreign players can play in a match
teams usually have 7-8 foreigners
but even more the public who will be coming to see these matches are at risk

It is an Indian event, no one is disputing that.
I am concerned why people are saying only the Indians will be at risk.

As for the elections and IPL together at the same time is a security nightmare.
its a simple case of not being able to provide for both.

its the equvalent of having two expensive wives and needing to care for both households with a TCS salary.

ขอถามโดยสรุปเป็นข้อๆนะคะ1 บริเวณที่ไม่เป็นสิว ใช้เลเซอร์แนบกับผิวเลยใช่ไหมคะ ทำนานๆ สูงสุดได้กี่นาที เพราะบางทีเพลิน ไม่ได้ดูเวลา2 บริเวณที่เป็นสิว ให้ห่างจากสิวประมาณ 1 ซม ใช่ไหมค่ะ โดยเลงไปที่สิวอักเสบเป็นเวลานานแค่ไหนก็ได้หรือคะ หรือจำกัดเวลา3 กรณีมีคอร์สเลเซอร์ Deep สิว หากทำที่คลีนิคแล้ว สามารถใช้ gentlelaser ได้ในวันถัดไปหรือไม่ หรือต้องรอ 7 วันก่อน4. ใช้บริเวณหางตาได้ไหม5 .ใช้บริเวณคางที่มีสิวเสี้ยนได้ไหม7 ใช้บริเวณคอได้ไหมขอโทษที่ต้องถามเยอะนะคะ เพราะเอกสารที่แนบมา มีแค่หน้าผาก และ แก้มสองข้างค่ะ รบกวนตอบเป็นข้อๆ ด้วยนะคะ ขอบคุณค่ะ

Hi Ankur,

Sorry but I differ on your views against our Indian government.Please answer the following questions..

1)Why can’t the schedule be postponed for IPL?
2)Why Lalit Modi didn’t consider that 2009 was an election year or rather election month long before?
3)Election or Cricket ? which is of more concern?
4)Have our govt never before hosted cricket matches? If cricket and election coincide..I think election is surely more imp than cricket..

Nitin and ravi
Well there is something called commitments , and time slots and agreements and contacts …

whatever the reason the pc gives ,, the fact is that they dont want to risk an ipl, and a terror attack
plus the very idea of making fortresses out of stadiums to me is revolting somehow ..also if a vvip needs 300 people to protect him, what about us? it shows the internal security situation is really bad and that terror network is well entrenched in this country to make blasts at will

what can one say… popularism in india is going unchecked… people don’t care how high deficit is…

should the whole country come to a standstill just because some politicians r going crazy…

:)) nice reference to TCS

i guess prax answered your queries

IPL cannot be postponed, because India has to play many other tournaments after IPL. If India is free after few months, then players of other countries may not be available. So, the situation is either have it at that time or do not have at all in this year.

Ankur, To me he did good thing, based upon our intelligence and things that’s happening in our neighboring countries it is wise to not to have IPL during election time.

I would like to ask just one question “What do you think Union Elections are important or IPL?”

I am really sorry to see most of the responses which blame the government at the very first instance, but even fail to realise that the process of choosing the government will be at risk because of IPL.

I would seriously like to know how many of the people who blame the government had voted in 2004 elections and how many plan to vote this time. I am sure the numbers will be miserable. We do not fulfill our basic fundemental duties and blame the rest of the world for conspiracy and ineffectiveness.

@ Ankur,
Is it that simple that life can go on as normal inspite of the threats? I guess even developed countries have not achieved it.

Most people do vote
but does their vote count? what is the literacy rate or the rate of poverty and unemployment in this country?
How many people vote on basis of the manifestos of each party or on basis of the leader or party ideology and how many vote for saris free tvs rice electricity dole , loan waiver etc?
And to think of it those people know that their vote or voice doesn’t count so why bother!! let the person who keeps me happy for atleast a day win !

Congress makes promises, and is populist and populism only puts a blanket on reality, which shows itself at regular intervals
Free electricity in maharashtra , rahul baba talks about nuclear power but did he realise it bears a high cost including spent fuel disposal!
Reality most state e/c boards are bankrupt.. because noone pays for electricity. if poor dont pay why will the rich?
Pay the meterman and get ur metre fixed and run 4 a/c 24 hrs a day!
net net free electicity for all for 1/2 hr a day

Farm loan waiver …means jump in farmer defaults!
Most farmers are not paying back their loans ! expecting a package
chk out the stats … who suffers ? Again everyone

Dear Prax,

It is really unfortunate that you think like this. And more unfortunate that many of our friends think similarly. You blamed a political party for all the wrong-doings. But, you are not ready to vote and make sure that party doesn’t come to power again. Make people aware of the wrongs, the party has done, campaign for the party which you think is right.. but I guess you are too busy or too lazy to do it.

I have realized that complaining doesn’t change a thing. Citing excuses and giving reasons makes it only worse, because you just become a spectator in all this. I hope you realize soon enough, that it is about participation and choice. And I am not only talking about elections.

I just remembered a quote which I like,
“To try when there is little hope is to risk failure,
Not to try at all is to guarantee it.”

though my vote really doesn’t count
i have regularly voted all my adult voting life
and given my opinion to people who have asked
but im against campaigning for a party or
against ghetto voting or voting on basis of anothers opinion
so dont go guessing or become a philosopher …
because learning is a lifetime process

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