Is it a crime to be rich?

Why should the prime minister need to single out residents of high rise apartment & car owners in his new year speech? I was so disturbed that I waited to hear the congress analysis on the speech. Which was so insipid and a total waste of time that I wonder is there any alternative leader left in the nation?
How much I earn and how much taxes I pay is a concern of my accountant & Income tax department only. I don’t understand why a prime minister has to incite a mob to investigate my tax declarations? What good can come if the vigilante start knocking doors in high rise apartments or stopping cars on the road to do an on-the-spot tax inspection?
We had the French revolution, the communist revolution and even the civil unrest during the land ceiling act during the fifties in India. None of them were surgical strikes and I suspect that several honest tax payers & salaried persons might also suffer because of this.
Enforcement through mob is already on the rise in the nation. So many movie screening, art galleries have been shut down. Valentine’s day is one favorite day where the Bajrang dal & BJP affiliate parties openly demand couples to produce their marriage certificates or witness their wrath? Why hasn’t any mainstream media picked up the impact of a new target that has been painted on the backs of the urban rich.
on a side note: if past is an indicator of future, then this critique of Modi’s speech might shed some light.

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