Is Property verification guarantee for real?

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Did you know that Khatoni property verification guarantee is the next best thing to Title insurance that you get in USA?
At we have a simple promise; we treat your property as our own. This means:
1. We will verify the ownership claims of the seller
2. We will verify if the property is DC converted properly
3. We will check for any claims/notification/pending litigation
4. We will check if the certifications /permits are in order
5. We will check if the construction is as per the master plan (the seller has not encroached or constructed illegally or the neighbors have not encroached on your property.
After the verification, we will provide you will a detailed report on the defects. Help you mitigate your risks; even negotiate better with the seller to compensate you for the deficiencies. However if our services were not performed properly and you suffered from a loss because of it, WE WILL INDEMNIFY YOU. We will not only cover your loss (capped to the transaction value) but also associated legal fees (lawyer & court fees included). After-all derelict of duty should be harshly penalized and our risk should not be capped to the verification fees paid.
Why don’t you give us a call to understand our services better?

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