Is tor making crime easier?

I think the entire glam around crime revolves around making money fast and be the hand that can punish/destroy/kill others. Everybody loves making more money with least effort and given a choice probably 80% of the people around you would join ranks. What is stopping them?

  1. Danger/risk
  2. Lack of opportunity/intelligence on when & where to strike
  3. Mentorship/ absorbing best practices
  4. Connects and partners
  5. Know-how to cover the tracks, launder the money and actually retire safely

Some people argue it is the morals, upbringing & culture that keeps individuals straight, but I believe it is the inability to plan, organize, execute and the risk of a the fallout from a blotched job that pressurizes individuals to think straight. No wonder rise in unemployment/poverty leads to rise in crime… well they have nothing to lose and all the time in the world to plan.
Internet somehow has been able to break all these barriers and tor is even more notorious in this respect. Yes, you might get drowned in a lot of noise, but if you are patient and meticulous enough then you can unearth some real gems. Also interacting over internet while being in the cozy shelter of your own living room is a lot safer than walking in a dark alley and making friends with a suspicious looking character.
Siklroad had converted anybody who was seeking overnight riches into drug dealers. Buying recreational drugs over the internet was perceived to be much safer than going to a shady alley and scouting for a peddler. A lot of sex trade esp. for pedophiles has moved to chat-rooms where sellers from SE Asia are able to sell their kins (sometimes their own flesh and blood) for the highest bidder.
Torchat has become a magnet for all illegal scheming and criminal wannabies. People have scouting for potential partners, managed international logistics and even recruited via torchat. Many first timers have discussed in depth their schemes and invited the audience to shoot holes in the plan.
Mostly internet & chatrooms is populated by armchair dreamers who fantasize of a big heist or running a large organized crime network but there are many individuals who are on the threshold. The therapeutic anonymity of tor network might sway some people to enact their fantasies.

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