IT rates in India

This is one interesting fact.. salaried Indians are the 10th most taxed people on the planet.. whats more is that we are 40 places ahead of USA.. which somehow i always believed was a very heavily taxed country. I wonder how badly were the people tax before the Narsima Rao Reforms which lowered the tax rates to half.

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Those were great times for the bonhomie of corrupt oligarchic businesses , politicians and corrupt govt officials , wherein corruption actually took root and got cemented and the non corrupt govt servant and genuine entrepreneur suffered at the hands of the regime
No wonder the dhiru clan rose!

the upa govt from a trend of congress govts past and present wont, its easier to inflate and blame the world.
take milk from 12 a litre (bjp)to 29/36 a lite now
wada pav from 3/4 to 8 per
Subba rao and gokarn seem like fms puppets, and rbi has never had it worse.
what is your scenario on
1. gold
2. stocks Peak estimate
3. most imp : interest rates (my fds have all matured and im rackg brains to estimate when i can get double digit int rates so i can invest smartly)

gold: no idea… i have always been curious about it, but never was able to understand it properly.
stocks peak: at 6200 i had shorted… with the view that it would oscillate around 6000. however now i would say that although the downside risk is higher than upside, i would stay away for a month.
interest rate… there are certain non psu corporate bonds that give 10% return already.. you can check them.. the best part of FD is that you can book them and later if the interest rate go up, close it and open another one at a higher rate. if i were you, i would do that because i don’t see 8%+ FD in the next 3 months or so
these days i am researching to locate some good convertable debuntures. the market seems to have such a short term view that there should be 1-2 good buys around. will update you once i zero them down

yes DBS failing can happen if the tiger economies face a major crisis again… which is unlikely.
however just check before you open a regular savings account with them… their IT is not very good for an international bank (but should be much better than ICICI) and costs are high… last i remember they were mandating 1L min. savings bank balance.

isnt it interesting
subba has put bankers in a worry and sent the bankex crashing by saying that the bank margins should go down and it is natural that interest rates go up indirectly conceding that he couldn’t control inflation

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