Jan Aushadhi: Is it making an impact

Recently I am hearing a lot of of articles on promotion of generic medicines & capping the profits in healthcare. However is it really making an impact?
In my opinion, the reasons why generic medicines have yet not reached mass adoption is because:

1. the doctors prescribe medicine brand and not the inherent salt/generic name.
2. the patients when they buy generic medicine see a different name in the label than what is prescribed (brand name). so they believe they have compromised. (which is a wrong feeling to have when your loved one is in trouble)
3. historically the quality, packaging of generic medicines has been in trouble.
4. the availability of generic medicines has always been difficult to get. beyond the dispenceries around the government hospitals they are hard to get.
Tata Memorial hospital had a generic dispencery (very affordable) but it will not give medicines unless prescribed by a an oncologist at its hospital. So I could not walk in there with a valid doctor’s prescription and buy the drugs.
so whatever you are reading is baby steps …. miles away from potential of making a real impact.

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