joote de do paise de do

In North India, there is a game where the cousins of the bride would steal the shoes of shoes of the groom. In this cat and mouse game, the family of the groom would be engaged in putting up decoys and preventing the bridesmaid to steal the shoes. If the shoes are stolen (which invariably happens), then the groom has to pay and he is also allowed to punish (in a funny way) his shoe-keepers.

Here is a famous song starring Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit which depicts how much fun both sides have in this game.

Recently my very good friend got married and her cousins were finding a tough time in being able to get hold of the shoes. But this did not stop them, they went ahead and stole the car tyres of the grooms vehicles.

I love when people do things differently and think creatively. When was the last time did you see somebody following the traditions differently?

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Thats an interesting tradition. I came to know about it from the movie. Sadly I have never been to a north Indian wedding….. I really want to as I heard that its so much fun and there would be dancing and music. wow.

this reminds me of another similar incident. Groom’s friends had kept an additional pair of shoes with themselves. When the time of barter came, the groom said that the price the girls were asking for the shoe is too high and he has another pair ready with him.. Girls were even shown the other pair to bring their demand lower.
Their faces were worth watching at that time.

u can always gatecrash into one… we Indians r so courteous that we won’t mind it (as long as u bring a nice expensive gift)

:)) too late

thats a spoil sport, anyways its often humorous to watch the negotiations… and these days instead of money the groom is made to do tricks, or take the cousins out on a fun trip etc.

:)) thats a nice one… i hope the groom did not complain of back aches.


During the pheras when all the ppl hv to remove the shoes,unluckily we cud not recognise our jiju’s shoes amongst the lot …… so me n my cousins decided to hide the shoes of all baraties(ppl frm groom’s side) n we stuffed them in a rooom where all the ladies of bride’s side(thats our side) were sleeping …… in the end we asked for big bounty as we had nearly 40 pairs of shoes ( although sm belonged to our own relatives 😛 :P)……..not to mention the horrified expressions the ladies bore when they saw the whole room full of shoes n most of them were stinking ( thanks to the dance baratis did all the way to the marriage hall) 😛 😛

Hehe great share! well once we couldn’t get our jiju’s shoes so we stole the shoes of all the baraat people!! It was hilarious..only jiju was in shoes…rest of them were yelling as it was very cold!


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