Khalistan Movement

On June 06 of this year during the anniversary of the martyrdom of Guru Arjan Singh as well as that of Operation Bluestar in the Golden Temple once again the shouts for Khalistan came up. Akali leader Simranjit Singh Mann and Jagjit Singh Chauhan lead the procession of separatists who captured the stand and started demanding for the independent state of khalistan. We also had the bomb blasts in Delhi which are now being attributed to the Babbar Khalsa International (BKI). Weave them together there is the danger of khalistan movement starting up again.
Golden Temple – Demand for the Khalistan Movement
Operation Bluestar
So where are we at present?
What will happen if the khalistan movement raises its head again. The militancy in Punjab may again come to the forefront. With friendly enemies all round us.
The Panthic Times
Khalistan Affairs
The biggest problem however is that is khalistan the view of the majority of the people in Punjab or just some random separatists. Interesting to note however the demand for the separate state dies out as soon as the political party dedicated to its formation comes to power. I mean the Akali Dal of course.


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hi folks…dont u think that the operation blue star was a political massacre rather than religious??why are the sikhs blaming the hindus then??i admit that there was a tension between the hindus and the sikhs in the 80s coz of indira gandhi assasination and all…but in india..there is ABSOLUTELY NO DISCRIMINATION between hindus and sikhs..rather punjab is much much developed and economically rich than my state(Assam) where the majorities are hindus…so should we start complaining and ask for another country-Assamistan:)??

Sikhs had a sovereign nation before Hindus, they were also promised they could seperate anytime they wanted. At the time of independence Sikhs were in favour of a united India, however changing Punjab territory and asking Hindus to declare Hindi there mother tongue in Punjab and creating Haryana and giving Punjab territory to other Hindu states is how I see Khalistan taking root along with breaking all promises and invading all Sikh shrines along with the Golden Temple and invading the Golden Temple an additional 4 times among a host of other forms of discrimination such as not allowing Punjab to keep its own water which is Punjab’s anyway but giving it to all the neighbouring states and trying to turn Punjab into some kind of desert state.

about the comment on “(Assam) where the majorities are hindus”
if they feel that they 2 should break away from india then they should.

for only way to bring back sovereign nations
is to break away from india.this include punjab ,j&k ,and any other state which feel like they should break away from india for there own good.

yes I agree that separatist movement in india is gaining foothold… and one day we might just realize that we no longer want to stay together…

however I do not see that happening in a next decade of so because:
1) usually such movements is spearheaded by military generals… and indian generals love to insulate themselves from the socio-political developments…. plus even if one day they rise to the occasion.. they will find that their posting is always 100 of miles away from their own state… so it will be an organizational challenge to come back and engineer a coup.

2) political revolution… luckily a common man in india does not care which government is ruling… so i do not even see it happening.
but again over the years things will change.

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