Kwality Walls – a ticking Bomb.

On Oct 2003, all kids, and chocolate lovers like me got a shock of their life. Our favorite brand Cadbury’s Dairy Milk is infested with worms. The packaging of this great product was poor which allowed it to spoil.
After numerous out of court settlements, product recall, apologies, and millions of dollars spend in revamping the system, Cadburys is back on its feet.

Do our Ice-cream vendors also want to witness the same fate?
The bulk of the ice cream is sold in 500ml bricks, or in cups, yet their packaging has evolved little over the past 2 decades.
1) Cardboard is not tamper proof, and becomes really venerable when moisture condenses on it.
2) The lids of the ice cream cups never even cover the ice cream completely. Hence giving a free hand to the air-borne contamination. If the curd sellers can put a tamper proof aluminum foil sealing on the yogurt/curd cups why can’t higher priced ice cream vendors do the same?
I seriously feel that some of the ice cream cups are actually recovered from the thrash can and refilled. If the packaging is not soon improved, the next guys defending themselves in consumer court shall be these ice cream vendors.

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Amul brand is declared the best in ice-creams..and it makes sense to buy from the wholesaler…the pack when bgt in wholesale is better than the individual packs..also less handling by vendors.Always go for plastic tub like packages which has intact lids..
It is high time they changed the packaging , storage system and distribution. But until that time..we just have to rely on consumer prudence.
(well..Amul vanilla tastes better than any other brand too 🙂 )

why to wait…
great idea…in my collage building only there sit a person..who look afetr the consumer forum..i will make sure this time when i visit my coolage i do visit the guy also..and we have a right that what ever information we want to have regarding these consumarable goods we can have…
and cheer up!!soon ice cream gonna be safe from containimation..

yes, speaking of packaging, they follow similar methods be it amul, nandini, or walls. as u said, if curds can be sealed with aluminium foil, then ice-cream cups too follow suit. everybody has a role to play, right from the manufacturing unit, to the storage conditions at home.

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Have you seen the cardboard cartons containing flavored milk (Amul, Aavin)? There could be a dinosaur inside, undetected.
Nothing beats home-made food ! Made from scratch. It is probably not a bad idea to be old fashioned when it comes to food, I suppose.

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