Lèse-majestéto: Air India

What we stupid mango folks fail to realize is that by Air India’s inability to provide a business class seat at the time & route of his choosing, is an act of Lèse-majestéto against the glory of Marathas & our democracy. Our just elected representative did not lynch or burn the plane but acted with clemency. He did not use knuckles, fists or even slaps as those can lead to concussion, bruises and serious body injury. As an act of great mercy towards the elderly staff of Air India, he used a pliable slippers which will not do any bodily harm or result in a hospital trip. The nation should be thankful for his self-sacrifice as he risked his footwear to being damaged in the process and risked walking bare feet on the carpeted ground of the aircraft. Nobody talks of the dangers of nerve damage to the wrist or carpal syndrome due to his leniency and Air India or any other PSU has not offered to replace or reimburse him for damage.
The corrupt press & social media deliberately mislead the masses in this blatant case of “victim-blaming” and should be severely chastised. Indian Government under the directions of our leader & supreme commander realized its mistake and has corrected it promptly. Elected officials and bureaucrats should be greeted by genuflect cabin crew and the pilot should be amiable for any detour or delays required to fulfill the service obligations of these servants of the state.


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