life without constraints

People tell me freedom is living life without restraints. However, if I see around then almost everyone has given up some degree of their freedom. Many have even forced others to give up their freedom (under the pretext of option or by persuasion)
Cavemen have given up their freedom for civilization, law and order. Marriage constraints our personal life. Home mortgage EMI takes away our financial freedom, employment bonds/service contracts takes away our professional freedom. Why is it that everyone talks so much of freedom but they part with it so easily? The moment we plan, commit, agree to something we tie ourselves up and give up our freedom.
Hence I think freedom is ability to choose one’s constraints.

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Freedom stops when you start feeling guilty about doing susu and potty anytime and anywhere you like and that is normally at about 2. And then they pack you off to play school. You think play school is fun? Read the article “Kindergarten as Academic Boot Camp” by Harry L. Gracey. Should be on the net.

One man’s independence gets constrained by another person’s freedom.So, the bottomline is that you can never be truly free. Even when you choose your constraints, you want to break free after some time.Circumstances,social mores and societal norms may not permit such a course of action.

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