Lost art of writing

When was the last time you read/wrote something in your own handwriting, which was not on a Post-IT slip or Address on an envelope?

It would be so nice if somebody would send me a handwritten letter 🙁

PS: Please feel free to ask for my postal address.

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I had to fill a form recently and felt pity for the person who has to read it. I have history of bad handwriting. Now its worse.
Sadly i feel like I don’t know how to hold the pen anymore 🙁

Ankur,I have a collection of letters written by my grandparents,parents,friends,neighbours,brother, collected over the years.It is such a pleasure reading them over and over again.My grandparents died a few years ago but whenever I read their letters It reminds me of all the good times I spend with them.There is no substitute for a handwritten letter.After reading this post I want to receive a letter too 🙁

I remember your teacher once mentioing that your handwriting resembles what would be created if you dip a cockroach in ink and leave it on your notebook.

an email can get the message across, but as Pr3na mentioned, it won’t carry with it the same feelings.

soon all the mobiles and comps will be armed with a stylus, so I hope you relearn this lost art soon.

thanks for taking the pains. I have posted my address to you on gmail.

give me your address, and I will post a letter

I just love getting real letters in the mail. I hardly get any anymore though given the internet and cell phones with free long distance and all. I have always been a big letter writer. All my life I prided myself on being the barer of news to one and all in my family and amongst my friends and enemies alike. The written word was the window to my unbelievably fractured and often scattered soul. If people wanted to know about our family they knew to come to me…I would not let them down…the letter was in the mail. Now, all i get is junk mail. Coupon after useless coupon for this gym or that, for this resturant or that. tree after tree is cut down in the name of coupons when in the days of yesteryear they were cut down in the name of beautiful stationary for me to write letters on. It is a shame. I loove letters. And, if you sent me your address, I would send you one fo sho!

i was too drunk yesterday to correct, so I did that today.

Welcome to ENagar and ya I can understand almost all of the mail i receive is some stupid promotion which i discard within 5 seconds of opening.

Ya can understand ur feelings really well …….i can give u an idea ……next time whenever u wanna communicate ,try writing short notes or letters ………they hv a special frangrance of their own …….we communicate a lot through letters n notes eg.whenever we ppl go out we stick a note on d mirror of our roomie saying that we will b back by so n so time (n ofcourse i luv u) :)…..we write thanking letters or notes to frnds for small favours…….notes reminding them abt smthng…….we make them april fool through letters etc…… n trust me they really help u smile n know that smone cares or u ……try n lv a note in ur frnds room or on d desk when he/she is not der……..n believe me it’ll b one of d most precious possesion of that person 🙂

:)) i know in a college u get so many chance to meet people and have some face time… in a job u r inside a 36 sq feet cubicle all day and except for lunch hardly ever get a chance to see anybody else…
and even if we do, its faster to send an email rather than to write a note and walk over to hand deliver it

btw why don;t u start a blog… u can understand people and express urself very well

Thank u …….ppl do say i speak well (actually i m so modest :P)…..well i know u ppl r very busy thats why i say don’t lv even one opportunity (infact look for sm)…….u might b going to ur colleagues room smtime, just drop a note ……u can even send them …….just give sm 10 min everyday to think of ppl u like …..ppl who did a favour to u …….ppl u want to tell or confess smthing ……write wat u feel n wat u wanna say …….n drop it at d first opportunity ……..find time to express n don’t b afraid of expressing ……..n one more thng never hand over notes n letters……drop them or send them …….

n one more thing – in todays world nthng comes free …….u hv to pay sm price ……if u want to increase ur bonding n morover get a personal satisfaction, u hv to find time for ur near ones …….u hv to give up a bit of ur physical comfort for mental comfort …….once u bring it into ur habit u won’t even feel that u r doing smthng diff …..but it is d greatest feeling – to hv ppl all around u, ready to do nythng for u n who luv u more than themselves despite of u always paining them :)…….try it n u’ll luv it …….

oh…….thats very sad …….but don’t loose hope …….why not start with girls ……they might value it more :)…….keep trying …….n trust me, this guy will surely write smthng for u as well(may b u’ll hv to wait for smtime) ………start the trend n watch it becoming a popular practice 🙂

:)) tu mujhe pitwayegi…. what if i got carried with the flow and ended up writing a love letter to her 🙂
but ya this friday, over lunch, i will try to give a talk to people about the lost art of writing… and going by the history of these talks, i won’e be surprised if people will give it a shot

🙂 i meant frnds ko likhna n not girl frnds ko likhna …….
well gr8 going …….wish u all d luck ……

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